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The ProD Courses Access Instructions

Accessing Instructions for Teachers

To access the ProD (Professional Development in Health & Safety) courses for teachers provided by the Job Safety Skills Society using the Alberta Distance Learning online delivery system, please go to the following website address:

You will then be asked to register with the Alberta Distance Learning Centre giving the required/requested information by clicking “Login” to create a new account.

After you have registered, an email will be sent to you. Check your email for confirmation instructions.

Upon confirmation, it will bring you to “Enrolment options” and require the following access code, JSSSTeacher to allow you to complete the required Introduction to Safety Fundamentals – JSSS course.

After completing this required course, you will receive an additional access code embedded in the required Introduction to Safety Fundamentals – JSSS (2014) course that permits access to all other available safety courses:

  • BIT – Computing Science – JSSS
  • HRH – Cosmetology – JSSS
  • HRH – Foods – JSSS
  • MDC – Fashion Studies – JSSS
  • MDC – Communication Technology – JSSS
  • NAT – Natural Resources – JSSS
  • TMT – Mechanics – JSSS
  • TMT – Fabrication – JSSS
  • TMT – Construction – JSSS


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