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The 2018 ACSA Conference & Awards Gala takes place on March 8 & 9, 2018 at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre. The theme for the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s (ACSA) 2018 conference is Safety Without Borders.

“Safety is crossing provincial and international borders. Canada is attempting to improve working conditions in North America through its NAFTA negotiations. Consumers now consider labour conditions when buying foreign-made clothes. And international standards are becoming more prevalent. But safety crosses other borders, too. It crosses cultural borders. The blurring lines between industry sectors are making safety systems more crucial. From the workplace into home life, and on hockey rinks and football fields, safety awareness is greater than at any time before. As safety continues to transcend borders, what does is mean for you as a safety leader? What does it mean for senior managers and company owners?”

JSSS is a proud partner of the ACSA, and we look forward to promoting this year’s conference, which celebrates the ACSA’s 30th anniversary. Nominations for the 2018 ACSA Annual Achievement Awards are now open. Information on categories and how to go about casting votes is available here.